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Iberia Foods, originally called "Joseph Victori & Company” with offices in Manhattan, began selling olives in the 1930s. Over the years, it changed hands and in 1990 CPC International attained 40% of Iberia Foods. By 1994, CPC International became Best Foods and the acquisition of Iberia Foods was then consummated.  In 2002, Unilever acquired Best Foods.  Finally, in 2004, Iberia Foods was then obtained by Brooklyn Bottling Group, which is a manufacturer and distributor of international beverage brands, such as Tropical Fantasy, Nature’s Own, Best Health, Squeez’r, Country Club from the Dominican Republic, Postobon from Colombia, D&G from Jamaica, and Cola LaCaye from Haiti.

BBC’s owner, Eric Miller, saw an interest in the ethnic markets and began to invest in these expanding markets, as the demographics in the U.S. had begun to diversify. He started with D&G Sodas from Jamaica, soon thereafter, signed contracts of exclusivity with Cola Lacaye in Haiti, Country Club Sodas in the Dominican Republic, Colombiana and Postobon drinks from Colombia. The focus of the Iberia brand had always been to service the Hispanic and Caribbean markets by importing the tastes of home, now bringing them foods to compliment the beverage portfolio. Iberia understands the unique needs within each ethnic community.

The Iberia/BBC group currently services over 10,000 supermarkets, club stores, wholesalers and distributors in the East Cost. Iberia had serviced the East Coast from its original two locations in New York and Miami. The company has now grown tremendously since then, and now prides itself on its East Coast profile.  With locations in New York, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, and its most recent location, Springfield, Massachusetts, Iberia Foods continues to expand.