• Delicious, dairy-free alternative for vegan desserts and drinks.

    Iberia Coconut Cream is thicker and creamier than coconut milk, making it the perfect ingredient for incredibly moist baked goods and delectable drinks.

    It enhances meals by delivering luxuriously creamy sauces and stews your family will find irresistible.

    A premium product made with the highest quality ingredients.

    Size: 13.2 fl. oz. (355ml)

  • Ideal for baking, desserts, sauces, and soups. A great alternative to dairy products like milk or cream.

    Iberia Organic Coconut Milk is made from the pressing of fresh, ripe, organic coconut meat.

    Use for curries, satay sauces, baked or frozen desserts, and drinks.

    Also available: USDA Organic. 

    Size: 13.5 fl oz


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  • Made of milk sweetened with sugar, this classic ingredient will give you the assurance that whatever you make will turn out great.

    Creamy and sweet, it is perfect for a limitless number of delicious, moist desserts that are fast and easy to make. It’s great as a topping, blended into specialty drinks, or added to your favorite recipes

    Size: 14 oz

  • The options for using this delicious, smooth and creamy milk are endless.

    Made from fresh milk, about 60% of the natural water content is removed. Then the milk is homogenized and sealed in a container to prevent spoiling and make it shelf-stable. As a result, it minimizes the waste that can occur with fresh milk spoiling, and it makes it simple to keep milk on hand for recipes that require dairy. Simply shake before using, and place any unused portions in the fridge afterward.

    Great for use in custards, pie fillings, sauces, and desserts

    Size: 12 oz cans and 8.45 oz Tetra Packs

  • Iberia Guava Paste is a popular dessert throughout the Portuguese-speaking, Jamaican and Hispanic communities around the world.

    It is a very thick, purée of Guava Fruit. It is stiff and dense, almost like a fruit leather, but still soft and easily cut with a knife.

    It is very good on top of cheese, cream cheese or cheddar: in Cuba, cheese and guava paste is a traditional way to end dinner.

    It can be also be used as a filling in baked goods.

    Size: 14 oz

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  • If you like the taste of coconuts you’d love Iberia Sweetened Coconut Condensed Milk. It boasts a wonderful coconut flavor with perfect sweetness to suit a variety of recipes.

    Stir into your coffee or tea or pour it over berries, ice cream or cakes. Chill in the fridge, then spread on your favorite dessert. Iberia Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk is sure to become a hit in your recipes.



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